"I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)
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Stories of Healing

Testimony is very important; it speaks of what Jesus has done and therefore what he can do again. After healing a man, Jesus instructed him to “‘Return home and tell how much God has done for you.’ So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.” (Luke 8:39).

Here are some testimonies from people who have received prayer at Healing Rooms Clitheroe. Permission has been given by each person to share them here. There are many more testimonies on the International Association of Healing Rooms website if you wish to read them.


I needed prayer for trauma after several accidents, fractures, infections. I had cartilage and bone spurs in both knees and problems with my left eye.

Thank you Jesus for a complete overhaul. It was as if Jesus poured his oil throughout my whole body and restored several old problems. My whole spine, neck and hips were brought into alignment, my left leg lengthened. I had an injury to my left eye and this morning the pain and irritation totally went. Both knees are restored from cartilage and bone spurs and the clicking has totally gone. Hallelujah! His peace is wonderful!

Lung Cancer

Our youngest son had collapsed and died after a triathlon and the whole family was in a very dark place. Then I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. My husband had read about the Healing Rooms so we went to see what it was all about. I think it was the best thing we have ever done!! The wonderful caring ladies made us feel totally at ease and the healing prayers encouraged me to stay so, so positive. If anyone reads this, PLEASE try it for yourself. I was diagnosed as terminal stage 4 in-operable because of the site of the tumour. With the help and support of Our Lord who loves us all the same I have had such amazing results, I had all the chemo and radiotherapy and God on my side!!!  S 2014

Back Pain

I came with a very stiff back and could not bend without a lot of pain. After prayer I could bend down and touch my toes without any pain or discomfort. Praise the Lord!   J

Shoulder Pain Gone

I was experiencing a pain in one part of my shoulders. In the prayer cubicle, one lady had a word from God to say I had a screw like pain in my upper back. I said yes I had and it was possibly caused by conflict and stress in my family relationships. They lead me in a prayer to release my emotions and forgive etc.  As I left, the pain left and I felt relaxed, happy and calm.  L

Migraines Healed

For many years I suffered from migraines which impaired my vision. They usually lasted about 3 hours. After learning at the Healing Rooms about Jesus being the healer, I asked Him to help me. Suddenly all the symptoms disappeared and I have not had any since!  D



Macular Degeneration causing Visual Distortion

Before attending the Healing Rooms I received prayer from a man of great faith, a doctor in my local church. He laid his hands on me and invited the Holy Spirit to come. Instantly I felt warmth as a red light was apparent in my left eye. My sight improved by 60% and I was advised to seek more prayer.

I went to the Healing Rooms. Each time I have visited I have felt God’s power working. The laying on of hands and intimate prayer reflects His supernatural nature. The venue provides a calm environment. The dedicated Christians who pray for healing are empowered to carry out His work. They have the ability to listen carefully and to share thoughts and feelings thus making one feel welcome and special.

Since receiving prayer my eyesight has improved 80 to 90%. I know this is a miracle and I believe He is continuing to heal me. Miracles do happen so testimonies are vital. Sharing this testimony of God’s love and power will encourage others to see God at work today! N



My mother who is in her eighties visits the Healing Rooms regularly. She has had toothache healed, shoulder pain healed. She can walk with more confidence and her hearing has improved. L

Ankle Healed!

I went to get prayer for my ankle which I sprained about six months ago as it wasn’t healing. I  found it hard to climb stairs and walking was painful. When the team prayed, heat just rushed through my boot and straight into my ankle! All discomfort and pain left. Now I am able to put full weight on it for the first time in six months.I can put my ankle in all different angles! I will try to drive later!!!  N

Hip Pain Gone!

I had been to the doctor’s with a bad pain in my hip and she sent me to the hospital for blood tests. I had to sleep with a hot water bottle on the hip as the pain was so bad. I also went to the Healing Rooms for prayer.

At the Healing Rooms three people prayed for me. One lady felt God say one of my legs was shorter than the other. I sat on a chair with my legs out. When they prayed my left leg moved quite quickly and grew in length! My right leg then moved and grew as well, but not quite as much as the left leg. The two legs were then exactly level.

When I stood up I felt quite light, my whole body felt more in line and flexible, the pain had gone and has not returned since. Even now there is not even a twinge. My posture has improved and my feet are more flexible as well.

This experience has been so enormous it has taken a few days to process!!

I have given thanks to God many times for this wonderful healing and to those who prayed with me. L


Blepharitis Healed

“I had this very irritable eye condition with recurring flare ups including : sore eyelids, infection, irritation, hypersensitivity,sensitive and red skin on my face. After my first two visits to the healing rooms I was well on the way to being healed. I felt surrounded by love and the team’s prayers helped to strengthen my faith to believe in Jesus’ healing power. My third visit was even more amazing! I realised that the Lord had healed me, but fear was not allowing me to fully believe this. The team prayed for the fear to go, and for evidence of my full healing. Since then I have been fully healed. Praise the Lord! I have wonderful healed eyes that no longer irritate whatsoever!”

— C.

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