"I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)
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Stories of Healing

Testimony is very important; it speaks of what Jesus has done and therefore what he can do again. After healing a man, Jesus instructed him to “‘Return home and tell how much God has done for you.’ So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.” (Luke 8:39).

Here are some testimonies from people who have received prayer at Healing Rooms Clitheroe. Permission has been given by each person to share them here. There are many more testimonies on the International Association of Healing Rooms website if you wish to read them.

Polymyalgia Healed

“After taking steroids for nearly two years to control the debilitating condition that polymyalgia leaves you with, I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The first visit didn’t seem to make any difference, but I had arrived full of guilt because I had already received prayer and felt  I ought to be trusting that the prayers would be answered. I came again to the healing rooms and it just felt right the second time. Within a short time I was struggling in the morning and then in an instant I was healed and could go shopping in the afternoon for the first time by myself in two years. It just happened in a flash”

— V

Healed back pain during short lunch break

“Last Tuesday, when I woke up I felt really unsettled and achy and generally not well. I felt that I had to go to the healing rooms. I took a very early lunch and I literally had 20 minutes. I asked for prayer for my back which I’ve had trouble with on and off, also for my wellbeing and health in general. As I was being prayed for, I felt a total complete peace descend upon my whole body and tingling warmth spread through me. One of the team praying put their hands on the direct spot that my back was hurting. I went back to work feeling refreshed, calm and at peace. Since then, I’ve had no pain and my health is better. I’m also a lot calmer in myself and still full of peaceful thoughts”

— SM,

Moving forward in life

“I came here this morning for the second time, to be healed. This time I was really moved and felt a part of you all. God bless. I felt I had moved forward in my life by your help”

— JC, August 2008

Lower blood pressure

“Was prayed for, for high blood pressure (I have had this before) and was experiencing headaches. My home reading was around 140/78. After prayer, the next day, my blood pressure home reading was 123/78. I went to my doctor the following day for my routine check and she said my blood pressure was fine. I felt much better – my headaches gone. Thank you Lord”

— JW, April 2008

Hot Flushes

“I started having hot flushes, waking several times at night feeling very hot and uncomfortable. A friend of mine has been healed of these through prayer and I felt that they should not  just have to be’accepted’ as part of the menopause. I received prayer at Healing Rooms and they told the hot flushes to stop.They have stopped! Some started to come, and I told them to go and restated that I’ve been healed of them. They have not continued and I no longer even get the beginnings of one. Praise the Lord!”

— J.  July 2011

Prostate Cancer

“In December 2010, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but because of my faith in God I wasn’t afraid. Prostate blood tests revealed my PSA a levels were very high so I had to have monthly blood tests taken. Further tests confirmed Kidney malfunction which was causing me severe pain in my back and that the cancer had spread to my bones. I was exhausted all the time, only sleeping for around 30 mins at a time throughout the night because I had a constant need to use the toilet. Added to this, my legs were really swollen and I was breathless after doing the simplest of things, so my mobility was not good, I could hardly walk a hundred yards.

In February 2011 my nephew offered to take me to Healing Rooms to be prayed for. By then, my health had deteriorated immensely. My prayer request was just for healing of Prostate and bone cancer.

As I was being prayed for, one of the team had a feeling of breathlessness and asked if I had problems with my breathing. I was surprised at the question because I hadn’t mentioned the breathlessness. I told him that one of the many symptoms I was having was breathlessness. He then asked my permission to put his hand on my back and placed it in the area of my kidneys. As soon as his hand touched my back, I experienced a hot sensation all round where the pain was. Not only that, but instantly my breathing became easier and not as shallow. When the prayer time was over and it was time for me to leave I had a real sense of peace and felt much more comfortable.

A couple of weeks later had a set back and so I was admitted to hospital for nodules removing from my stomach and was also catheterised.  I have returned to Healing Rooms in Burnley and in Clitheroe regularly for more prayer and was given a pamphlet with some very helpful scriptures on about healing, to read aloud at home. This has been like God’s medicine for me to take along with my medical treatments.

The catheter was soon removed; I just get the occasional twinge of pain in my back now; my breathing has continued to improve and I am even taking my dog for 4 and 5 mile walks, including gradients! I am also able to help at home by doing some of the ‘chores’ without being left feeling tired out.

In June I had another blood tests done and was expecting to go for the results in July, however I was called into the hospital earlier than I expected. I wondered why, but remembered that one of the Healing Rooms team had told me that they were speaking a good report over me, and the bible says that a good report makes your bones healthy (Proverbs 15:30)

The consultant was highly delighted to tell me that my PSA is now 3.5, which is a normal reading, that there has not been any deterioration in my Kidney function so he was not concerned about that. He also said that he would not be doing another blood test for another 4 months! He has confirmed this in writing.

Praise God, I know He will complete the work He has begun in me”

— K. June 2011

Trigeminal neuralgia

“I had intense pain in my face and went for prayer. The ladies prayed for me and though the pain didn’t go immediately, the following morning I had no pain at all apart from a dull pain in my gum”

— M June 2011

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