"I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)
Healing for…

Blepharitis Healed

“I had this very irritable eye condition with recurring flare ups including : sore eyelids, infection, irritation, hypersensitivity,sensitive and red skin on my face. After my first two visits to the healing rooms I was well on the way to being healed. I felt surrounded by love and the team’s prayers helped to strengthen my faith to believe in Jesus’ healing power. My third visit was even more amazing! I realised that the Lord had healed me, but fear was not allowing me to fully believe this. The team prayed for the fear to go, and for evidence of my full healing. Since then I have been fully healed. Praise the Lord! I have wonderful healed eyes that no longer irritate whatsoever!”

— C.

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