"I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)
Healing for…

Macular Degeneration causing Visual Distortion

Before attending the Healing Rooms I received prayer from a man of great faith, a doctor in my local church. He laid his hands on me and invited the Holy Spirit to come. Instantly I felt warmth as a red light was apparent in my left eye. My sight improved by 60% and I was advised to seek more prayer.

I went to the Healing Rooms. Each time I have visited I have felt God’s power working. The laying on of hands and intimate prayer reflects His supernatural nature. The venue provides a calm environment. The dedicated Christians who pray for healing are empowered to carry out His work. They have the ability to listen carefully and to share thoughts and feelings thus making one feel welcome and special.

Since receiving prayer my eyesight has improved 80 to 90%. I know this is a miracle and I believe He is continuing to heal me. Miracles do happen so testimonies are vital. Sharing this testimony of God’s love and power will encourage others to see God at work today! N


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