"I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)
Healing for…


Hip Pain Gone!

I had been to the doctor’s with a bad pain in my hip and she sent me to the hospital for blood tests. I had to sleep with a hot water bottle on the hip as the pain was so bad. I also went to the Healing Rooms for prayer.

At the Healing Rooms three people prayed for me. One lady felt God say one of my legs was shorter than the other. I sat on a chair with my legs out. When they prayed my left leg moved quite quickly and grew in length! My right leg then moved and grew as well, but not quite as much as the left leg. The two legs were then exactly level.

When I stood up I felt quite light, my whole body felt more in line and flexible, the pain had gone and has not returned since. Even now there is not even a twinge. My posture has improved and my feet are more flexible as well.

This experience has been so enormous it has taken a few days to process!!

I have given thanks to God many times for this wonderful healing and to those who prayed with me. L


Healed back pain during short lunch break

“Last Tuesday, when I woke up I felt really unsettled and achy and generally not well. I felt that I had to go to the healing rooms. I took a very early lunch and I literally had 20 minutes. I asked for prayer for my back which I’ve had trouble with on and off, also for my wellbeing and health in general. As I was being prayed for, I felt a total complete peace descend upon my whole body and tingling warmth spread through me. One of the team praying put their hands on the direct spot that my back was hurting. I went back to work feeling refreshed, calm and at peace. Since then, I’ve had no pain and my health is better. I’m also a lot calmer in myself and still full of peaceful thoughts”

— SM,

Bad back healed

“I came to the healing rooms to receive prayer for my painful hip. One lady asked me if one of my legs was slightly longer than the other. This was the case. They told it to grow in the name of Jesus. It did!! Now my legs are the same length and my hip pain is gone!! Amazing”

— V. May 2010

Sore Back

“I came for prayer for a sore back and was partially, but significantly healed in September 2010. I felt greatly blessed and encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship. My back is better now! Thank you God and Clitheroe Healing Rooms”

— M October 2010

Steady improvement and gold dust

“I came to the Healing Rooms a few months ago & had prayer for lower back/hip/leg pain. I didn’t get immediate healing but over the last few months & with some more healing prayer the pain is a lot better. An amazing thing also happened whilst I was there – one of the ladies who prayed for me said she saw “gold dust” on my wrist & said I was very privileged. Thank you so much for you all in this ministry – it is a wonderful service to our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. Praise God”

— SS, June 2008

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